We bought our lovely mare home on Sunday , first time owners and had got to know her as the calmest sweetest little mare we had ever seen , brought her on to our new yard where she is just off the main yard in a barn with just one other mare with a seperating wall between the two of them , with bars at the top , so both horses can see each other , her neighbour is a little over interested and wants to look at her and pop her head around the door but nothing more nasty than being curious ! Our sweet mare however keeps kicking and bucking at the wall and biting the bars ! 😞 It's gone on for nearly a week now I keep hoping she will settle but it's not happened yet ! My daughter nearly got caught in the crossfire today , it's not really very safe to be in the stable with her , and I'm worried she's going to hurt herself , people keep telling me not to worry she will settle down ?