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Thread: Summer Camp Marketing Ideas

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    Summer Camp Marketing Ideas

    Hi All - We run a weeklong girls camp in the summer, and weekend womens camps summer and fall using our horses, so that participants can interact up close and personal with our horses and handle new foals. We have 650-acres in Southern Vermont in the Green Mountains and about 70 Friesian Horses. Seeking good outlets to be able to market these ideas - do any of you advertise in places that work?
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    I don't have a business so I'm not sure where the best place to advertise a Friesian farm might be. But I do see that Queryhorse has advertising here on the Forum and on their website. You might want to contact them and see what they cost.

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    Hello, everyone! Children without parents' control are crazy, that's why camps are their favorite place to be free and independent but none promise it will be decent there, follow to learn more about it

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