I'm self employed and my business is companion animal care. For the past five years,I've been learning/practicing horse care and management from the ground up. I don't own horses of my own.
Currently,I'm on a farm stay with three horses that have 24/7 turnout from their own stalls. They don't share pasture space. And the pastures they have access to have little to no grazing opportunities. They're fed/watered in their stalls and they never leave them! The past two days have been gorgeous and they stay inside! Will gaze outside but prefer the indoors. Blows my mind! I should also mention that their turn out runs are congested with manure and mud. Is it possible they don't like to walk through that muck? I can't help but to think they're denied the opportunity to follow their instincts and be outdoors. Can anyone relate?
Thank you.