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Ask the "Horse Girl"

The Horse Girl Photo by Jerry Tardif

"Ask the Horse Girl" is a new column aimed at creating an online horse community. And YES! QueryHorse has its own, genuine "horse girl". Her name is Kathleen Reagan and she's co-founder and Vice President of QueryHorse as well as an equine attorney and law professor.

She started riding on her family's horse farm in Missouri as a child where she also bred, raised, and trained horses with her mom. Because she always wanted to be around horses and constantly talked about them, her friends referred to her as "the horse girl". (See? We told you we had a genuine "horse girl", and she's all OURS!)

Through the years, Kathleen has owned various horses, rides in English and Western disciplines, jumps, and indulges in her greatest equine love: playing polo. She even played polo in England while on a student exchange program in college.

These days, Kathleen plays competitive polo on her thoroughbred ponies in Rhode Island during the summer months. She also writes for various publications and has created courses to teach equine law to practicing attorneys and law students alike. Legal minds can learn more at: Concord Law School.

Most horse people love talking about their horses — it's one of the great benefits of being part of a barn community. But not all horse lovers board their horses out or even have their own horse. So, we felt horse people of all skill levels would enjoy becoming part of QueryHorse's online "barn community" and that's why we've launched our "Ask the Horse Girl" column.

You can submit horse questions or comments (they must be equine-related to be considered). Just click the "Submit a question" link below.

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Kathleen A. Reagan, Esq.
Equine Attorney
Horse Counsel for Horse Owners

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