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QueryHorse Testimonials

These are real testimonials from horse owners and trainers in the United States who use QueryHorse and gave us their permission to share their feedback and excitement.

"If I want to know about anything related to horses, whether it's as a journalist or a riding instructor/trainer, I check it out on QueryHorse. It's the most informative site on the web, a veritable Google for equestrians."

Arlene Newman
Award Winning Equestrian Journalist
Author of "You Can Train Your Horse To Do Anything" and "Winning With Frank Chapot"
Instructor at Victory Stables, Colts Neck, NJ
Editor, Just About Horses Magazine
Former Equestrian Sports Writer, The Philadephia Inquirer

"When I tried QueryHorse, I put in my question in the form of a phrase and got back the exact document that I needed. I thought I would get something back, but I didn't think it would be the exact item as the first response. This is in contrast to Google, where I often get back a mass of irrelevant information for the exact same question. I was definitely surprised at how well it worked, and I highly recommend QueryHorse to online searchers."

Sara Davis
Horse Owner
Gardner, MA

"I currently have three fat, happy horses in my pasture that are young and in training for dressage and jumping. I'm always looking for "horse stuff" and information. Normally, I stumble around the internet lost in the clutter and that cuts into time I should be spending in the saddle. With QueryHorse, I can zip directly to the sites I need. I can also surf through the different breed links just to enjoy looking at these incredibly beautiful animals. QueryHorse is the coolest horse resource I've ever seen on the internet!"

Amy Lynn Tuttle
1981 Indiana Hunter Jumper Association State Champion
Horse Trainer/Equine Artist
Durango, Colorado

"I own a 30 stall, private boarding facility in Middleboro, Massachusetts. Since I just started this 'dream' of running my own place, I am very busy and spare time is limited. I want to be spending more hours in the saddle than on my computer, but research for information and new ideas must be done in order for my business to grow. QueryHorse is an essential tool to help me get through some of the issues and questions that come up everyday. Thank you for this expansive resource!"

Jennifer Goddard
Levaland Farm
Middleboro, MA

"I have used QueryHorse to find everything from recipes for horse treats to locating sites that list horses for sale. It is great for helping me to get to horse related material faster without a lot of clutter."

D. Mills
Lecanto, FL

"I went on the QueryHorse site looking for horses to buy, information on building a barn, and I found what I needed right away. The best part about it was that it was so easy — I love QueryHorse!"

Barbara O'Handley
Horse Trainer/Horse Owner
Halifax, MA

"QueryHorse is awesome! My daughter Barbara is a horse trainer and was looking for quarter horses for sale to get ready for the season. We were getting a bit worried because it is getting late and we couldn't find anything else suitable on any other sites, and believe me, we spent a long time looking. Our first query on QueryHorse lead us to a number of sites with many possibilities and Barbara found a good prospect right away. She is going out there to inspect the horse this next week. We were thrilled! QueryHorse is so fast and it zeroed right in on the things we needed to find — it was great!"

Sheila O'Handley
Long-time Horse Owner
Halifax, MA

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