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Horse Guy Photo Courtesy of Stefan DiPippo

"Horse Guy" is a column focused on helping horse and barn owners learn more about tack and riding products and the different aspects of horse ownership and boarding facilities, such as barn and ranch maintenance, cutting costs, and much more. Our "Horse Guy" is Jerry Tardif, co-founder and President of QueryHorse as well as a businessman, engineer, owner of a consulting firm, and horse and nature photographer.

His story started at age five when he took apart his brother's "jack-in-a-box" and fixed it — his first project.

True, it only had five or six moving parts, but it was a big deal for Jerry (and even bigger for his ever-grateful brother…well, maybe just somewhat grateful…) At age ten, Jerry worked with his dad (his dad might describe it differently) creating a model train setup with custom lighting, wired utility poles, and other "dad-made" accessories. Jerry also had a secret side project and created a working intercom to his friend's house next door (to bypass the phone system and adult supervision, no doubt). Before entering high school, he was servicing radios, TVs, stereos, and other electronic products for a nearby TV and appliance business (perhaps, not quite legally) followed by rebuilding engines (and eventually not having spare parts left over) and more.

Then came college and personal projects, such as furniture building and several (and profitable) technical businesses. Of course, his journey couldn't resist including motorcycles, operation of all manner of tractors and heavy equipment, boats, is a licensed pilot (yes, the government again licensed him — go figure...) He's also a multi-instrumentalist and played music professionally, and continues to compose, play, and record his own music (though questions of why he never sings on his songs are met with uncharacteristic silence).

Nevertheless, his versatility has proven helpful over the years and he's been a columnist and freelancer for recording studio magazines, guitar magazines, horse magazines, and others as well as publishing technical manuals, application Help systems, and more (there's always more). This all conspired to make us think Jerry's experience might prove helpful (well…let's just say we're hoping…) to QueryHorse visitors.

This column offers tips and suggestions, research projects (a la his year-long saddle search/investigation), and still more. You can also ask questions and provide feedback to Jerry. And we're hoping (really, really, hoping) that you find his column useful and entertaining.

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